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At Arrow Academy

A Private Christian School in Morris County, NJ

When we think of the most magnificent structures ever built, what lies underneath each is solid, strategically placed pillars.  These pillars serve as foundational support for the lifetime of each edifice that enables the handiwork of the master builders to be celebrated.  It is with a very similar philosophy that Arrow Academy approaches the development of children that we are entrusted to love and build up.  The pillars that Arrow Academy looks to strategically place as foundational pieces for each child are the pillars of:


  1. Academic Achievement

  2. Spiritual Formation

  3. Multi-Cultural Awareness

  4. Individual Development Plan


With these pillars intentionally built to support the foundation of each child, we believe the handiwork of the Master Builder, our God, will be demonstrated through the lives of our children.  It is our hope that the graduates of Arrow Academy will grow and develop to be salt and light in a culture that is wanting of participants and leaders to bring hope and positive change.  

Our desire at Arrow Academy is to align and partner with families and children that are in agreement with our 4 core pillars (Academic Achievement, Spiritual Formation, Multi-Cultural
Awareness, Individual Development).

The hope and plan are for our graduates to build upon a
strong foundation and to have a significant and meaningful impact on the world around them.

If Arrow Academy sounds like a school for your family and children, please reach out to us at

973-888-2083 to ask more questions or to schedule a tour.

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