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Khuda Gawah Movie 720p Kickass (April-2022)


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It is Benazir's job to kill a goat, and the outcome of the game will determine if King Baadshah Khan will marry her or if he will kill her and take the throne for himself. When Benazir is unsuccessful and breaks the traditional rules of the game and allows King Baadshah Khan to take the goat, she is sentenced to death by stoning. As soon as Benazir is stoned, the King takes off to find the goat and save Benazir. Benazir is on a hunt of her own, in which she has promised her sister to save her from execution. The King is the first person Benazir sees as she rides up to the stoning site. The King saves her from being stoned and helps Benazir to escape her sister's execution. When they escape, the King announces that he has taken Benazir as his queen, and they return to the royal palace. The King's parents, who had hidden in Benazir's room during the escape, wait for the couple and reward them for the act. They announce that Benazir will be the new Queen. Benazir sets out to set things right in her father's clan. When she comes home to her house, she finds her husband, Mushtar, who had been absent for many days due to a wound he received in battle. Benazir is saddened to find that Mushtar and his men have been dishonoring her with impure thoughts. Mushtar sets out to prove to his wife that he loves her only. They set out to rescue some of Mushtar's own men who were captured by the King. Benazir and Mushtar travel to the King's palace, where they find the King with a group of women in a palace. When Mushtar and Benazir approach the palace, the King looks at Mushtar and says that Mushtar has been bad, and now Mushtar will have to marry one of the King's many wives. The King's sisters, meanwhile, get ready to celebrate Mushtar's wedding. The sisters know that the King has his eye on Benazir. Benazir and Mushtar get into a heated debate with the King. Benazir tells the King that he is a bad man, that he is a cruel man, and that he is not a good man. Benazir compares the King to a crocodile because the King tries to eat his own




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Khuda Gawah Movie 720p Kickass (April-2022)
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