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Blank Canvas

What if I told you that God had a designated room, filled with portraits of each individual here on earth, and of those that will soon be? Go on, take about twenty seconds to imagine the scene. Now with each portrait hung up, a blank canvas is placed directly below. Can you guess as to what this canvas would be for? Each blank canvas represents our day to day lives here on earth.

Every trial and circumstance in our life is meant to shape us into the image in which God has created.

Remember, God's portrait of us is perfect. He will not change what he has already painted, but instead will use every situation in our life, to help mold us into that image on the wall. As we continue to learn, grow and mature in Christ through each trial, that blank canvas will begin to slowly reveal the exact portrait on the wall. Neither of us wishes to suffer or experience any amount of pain in our lives. Romans 5:3, talks about how we should rejoice in our sufferings. WAIT A MINUTE! Rejoice in our sufferings? How is this even possible, and why would I want to do so? Through our suffering, it helps to produce perseverance, character; and character, hope. It's funny, well not really, but most Christians know this kind of stuff.

However, during our struggles, we choose to focus on the problem at hand, rather than the problem solver.

No artist is looking for an easy way out of creating a work of art. They understand that it will take time to produce something spectacular. In the same respect, we should not be looking for an easy way out of our problems. For our lives to even remotely resemble what God has created, we need to push through adversity. In doing so, we will be one step closer to resembling that portrait on Gods wall.

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