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Cared for with their destiny in mind.

Psalm 127:4-5,"Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court."


This is the verse we've built upon to assist us in our mission. Our children are arrows and need to be crafted and molded as such in preparation to be launched into their calling and destiny. 

At Arrow Academy, our resolute conviction is that each child
has been made “fearfully and wonderfully”. It is with this truth that we endeavor to
explore and spotlight the uniqueness of each child that attends our academy. Our
intentional observation and student to teacher ratios allow for individual observation
and development. Our extra-curricular activities and weekly chapel times are designed
specifically to discover and spotlight the unique gifts and talents of each child. At
Arrow Academy, our student-centric focus guided from a parent-teacher partnership
model allows for the holistic development of each child. We will help each child
discover their marked purpose.

"Like Arrows"

by Matt Hammitt

"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth" Psalm 127:4


Bishop Anne Gimenez, in chapter two of her book: Marking Your Children for God: It’s Best To Start Early But It’s Never Too Late, expounds on the truth and power an arrow symbolizes. Like an arrow, a child that isn’t pointed in the right direction for life never reaches potential and forfeits their ability to hit the mark designed for them. Although life may seem busy, hectic and distracting at times, it’s the job of the parents to be the marksmen for their children and the power behind their bow.

Parents are warriors. Unfortunately, we forget that position and often leave ourselves on the defense when life happens. But warriors, typically, are on the offense, always strategizing and keeping their senses keen to the battleground around them. Warriors don't get distracted, they know they can't afford to or they will lose the war. And raising children today is a war.

At the time this psalm was written, Bishop Gimenez explains that arrows were made from green branches. Only the straightest were selected, they were cut and dried to "set". The rough and crooked parts were smoothed and the pressure was applied to ensure there were no weak spots. As you can see, a warrior never left his arrow alone. He was constantly working on it to ensure it would be effective in battle. In the same way, as parents, when we are constantly working on our children we make them most effective for life and their Godly calling.

Today, everything around us and our children is vying for attention. Social media, friends, television, sports, jobs, the news, etc. What we surround ourselves with shapes us. Who we are around can mold us. Leaving ourselves and our children unattended and unguarded can cause weaknesses and rough places that chip away at our full potential. If we are not at our best as warriors, our arrows will also be affected. Can we afford to leave our weapons to the elements of this fallen world?

A perfectly crafted arrow is built to hit the mark. That is what it does. Our children, when crafted to honor God with their lives and 'hit their mark', not only reap the blessing for their lives but for the parents lives as well. Children that grow in the fear of God, or perfectly crafted, desire to live in Godly ways. Because of this, perfectly crafted children don't bring shame to their parents. Perfectly crafted children will assist their parents in life and, as Psalm 127 continues on to say "speak with their enemy at the gate".

It's God's perfect plan for children to bring honor to their parents in the same way we are to honor Him. Just as He corrects and resets us, so are we to correct and reset our "arrows". It's a perfect design for an imperfect world, but we have to do our part if it's going to work. If we are to win in this fight we will need the right weapons to do so.



Parents, if you want to win the war of life, begin to craft your arrows. It's really never too late.


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