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A High Academic Standard

The transformative learning experiences at Arrow Academy are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational, social, and emotional situations. Our teachers create a safe and open setting where they can help guide students in exploring the information and the world around them.


We follow a high academic standard as a guide for the creativity and leadership of our teachers. 

Challenging & Engaging

We challenge our students through rigorous academics, engage their minds and cultivate their spirit.


Preschool is where children first develop a relationship with learning. It is where the foundation for all learning concepts are experienced and explored. In our Preschool classrooms children not only learn through play but also the academic concepts that will be the building blocks for education to come. They follow a thematic curriculum with a scope and sequence that shows a progression of interdisciplinary learning throughout the year. The word of God is not taught in isolation but incorporated into all activities throughout the day. Our children are taught that God is present in all they do and that He cares for them. Our children are challenged to commit scripture to memory so that it becomes part of who they are and how they treat others in the world around them.


Children in kindergarten are becoming more mature in both their thoughts and actions. Most kindergarteners want to learn all about the world and how it works. Kindergarten children are full of wonder and often wonder about complex abstract concepts that they may not be ready to fully comprehend. It is within this curiosity that we at Arrow Academy help expand their learning through instruction to understand the world God created. With small class sizes we focus on teaching the whole child through hands on exploration while fostering independence. The curriculum includes Language Arts and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Music and Physical Education.

Elementary School

In the Elementary School our teachers provide the students with a foundation of facts and skills in all subjects with the Word of God as their guide. They focus on developing not only study skills, but also social, physical, and character building skills. Subjects are taught with a Christian worldview. They are taught critical thinking and community building skills. In addition to their curriculum, students are taught to engage the community and the world they live in, to serve and be Gods hands extended. They are encouraged to see the needs beyond their own.

Middle School

In middle school, students are transitioning from their Elementary School experiences and beginning formative years. It is our goal to help students understand more than ever Gods love and power in their lives. At Arrow Academy our middle school curriculum is created to challenge inspire and motivate students to become successful, independent learners who are prepared to succeed in high school and beyond. Students develop independent learning strategies, study skills, and begin exploring advanced math concepts in preparation for higher-level math courses. Students are now challenged to not only be aware of the needs around them within their community and their world but to problem solve how to help meet the needs.

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